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  1. Meatball

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    Hey Fellas,
    I'm looking at a scope for my 995ts. I've looked at lots of them (to include red dots)
    and sort have settled on the Leapers/utg seen here:

    I do most plinking within 50yards, but would like to go out to, say, 100yds and am thinking this scope would help me see out that far much more easily. It is reasonably priced and just about all reviews I've read give it high marks. However, I wanted to run this by the knowledgeable gurus on the forum. So, what do you think? I'd post a photo, but not quite sure how to do it.

    Thanks much.

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  2. Meatball

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  3. desertrider

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    I don't have experience with Leapers/utg, but it sounds like it should suit your purpose pretty well. I read some of the reviews from the link you posted and most are pretty good.

    I have a no magnification (well, 1x) red dot on my 4595TS and it suits me fine out to 50m, so the 3x9 you're looking at should work great for anything from 50 to 100m.

    The price seems pretty good too.
  4. Meatball

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    Thanks for your input, desertrider.
  5. mawguy

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    I am not a ballistics expert. Seems to me that when adding optics to a pistol caliber carbine, you have to take into account that the boosts you get are better accuracy and increased speed of your bullet. 100 yard shots are certainly within the realm of a carbine. However, at a certain point, bullet drop over distance and loss of energy would seem to decrease the effectiveness of the round.

    My 4095TS is crazy accurate out to 50 yards and I have decided that adding a scope just lets me see things better, not hit them better. Please let us know what your experience is with your scope.
  6. Meatball

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    I'm not currently looking to shoot past 100-130yds or so, but, like you mention, I would like to see the target somewhat better through the scope, you know, aging eyes plus tri focal glasses! I could probably get by with a more modest scope/red dot, but am looking forward to the possibility of moving the scope eventually when I get another, more powerful rifle, perhaps an AR15 platform.

    I was also curious as to the opinions of other members on the quality of Leapers/UTG stuff. The
    reviews I read are very positive, but I really like to rely on word-of-mouth. By the way, I
    haven't purchased the scope yet, wanted to go to the gun show we just had here in
    Phoenix and nose around a bit. Unless I get unhappy or happy guys with their past/present
    Leapers/Utg equipment commenting, I'll most likely be buying this scope soon.

    And I will report back in when I get a scope and try it out in the desert.
    Thanks for your comments.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    i had that same scope on my 995TS and absolutely loved it ,the glass is very clear and at 9x you can clearly see a target at 300 yrds . UTG/Leapers makes very good optics and i'm also running their 6-24x50 scope on my .308 Savage rifle

    now i don't have that scope on my Carbine anymore and it wasn't because of it being a bad optic i just wanted to switch back to a tube type red dot . But again that 3-9x32 UTG is an awesome optic for CQB and at 100 yrds i was seeing the paper fibers of the target from that distance . The ability to adjust parallax on the UTG was a selling point for both my 995TS and my .308 bolt action . With the UTG 6-24x50 i can easily see the target with no distortion from 800 plus yrds out

    my friend now has my old 3-9x32 UTG scope on his 995TS and he went to the range yesterday and was having fun hitting the AR500 plates at 100 and 200 yrds

  8. Meatball

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    Vet, thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I'll order this scope today.
    It's hard for me to tell, but you are not using the front sight on your carbine...at
    least it looks too low to be co-witnessed. Do you think I'll be able to co-witness
    my 995ts front sight with this 3-9 x 32. I am also considering, once the scope is mounted,
    to do the 45 degree angled iron sights, but I'll need to mount them for a left-handed shooter.

    A curiosity: I am in AZ and I work nights. Yahoo show you sending me this msg at 0926 today.
    You are in CA. so are you up early or is the Yahoo time line messed up? Just my curiosity!
    Cannot figure why the times do not match up. This happens all the time. Maybe I'm too anal about this.
    Anyway, have a great day. And Thanks for the info.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    yep factory irons are long gone and just using 45 deg A2 sights now for my BUIS . Yep i posted that at 0226 hrs . you will really like that scope and the turrets i forgot to mention are very good especially since after you get your 100 yrd zero you can reset the turrets to show zero at whatever you dialed in to achieve that . Also the turrets come with a locking mechanism so you don't end up accidently moving one and losing zero

    what is also nice is that UTG also includes a chart that will give you info and a formula to be able to use your mil dots and if memory serves me right that scope /mil dot would work to 800 yrds

    The scope rings for that particular scope are medium rings and are of a law enforcement style so it is a quick disconnect style
  10. zen

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    Thanks for the information. I think I will give the Leapers scope a try.
  11. boicecf

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    i have that specific scope on a Hatsan 135 .22 air rifle and it is a great scope for the price...have considered moving to my HP 995 TS that is currently set up with a 4X mil-dot scope!!!
  12. Meatball

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    Hey Vet,
    I just received my Leapers 3-9x32 scope and hope to mount it and sight it in this weekend. I'd like to ask you where mounted yours on the rail of your 995TS. Frankly, I've never used a scope and am not sure if there is a particular formula for how far up or back on the rail is the best place to mount a scope. We are probably talking about "eye relief" and other factors, no? By the way,m itt seems like a nice quality piece, like you said.
  13. Meatball

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    Edit: By the way, it seems like a nice quality piece, like you said.
  14. USMC_VET

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    i just placed the scope so that it allowed the best eye relief possible
  15. USMC_VET

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    only pic i've got of my 995TS with the 3-9x32 UTG scope , not sure if this will help you in determining the location of your scope though !!

  16. Meatball

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    Thanks, Vet. I'm going to try to mount the scope and sight it in this week end.
  17. USMC_VET

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    I bought mine thru Amazon.com and was just under $100.00
  18. AtXvision

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    I know thus is a old post
    Will the bug buster Mount right up or do i need adapters or new rails.
  19. Not familiar with the Bug Buster; but you may need to file the rail just a tad to allow the mounting screw to fit since Hi-Point's rails aren't true Picatinny or Weaver. It's not a deal breaker by any means.

    Say hello over on the welcome aboard thread if you get a chance! Here's a link: