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    Hello, I Have a question I hope someone can help me with. Has anyone tried or heard of someone using using a double stacked (staggered) magazine in their 995. If not, does anyone have any ideas where to begin. I already figured ill have to modify the handle. What about the magazine does someone make one that would be relatively easy to modify for use in the 995.
  2. Sorry Amigo. No dice on thsi one.
    We've talked about the lack of hi-cap double stack mags for the 995 for years now. Hi-Point has stated that they have no intentions on making the 995 for hi-cap mags and the only aftermarket hi-cap(which are single stack BTW) mags available for the 995 don't work well at all. It's sad I know. :( We all went through the hard truth of realizing we were stuck with 10 rounds. But soon you realize that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. :D

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    Dead horse for sure...... :wink:
  4. Sorry dude, looks like it wont work. Thats the first thing I looked at when I bought mine. The mag well is simply to narrow (.515 inches) and the outside is only .757 inches, leaving you with only about 1/8" on either side... too little to do anything with.


    Here is a comparison of the well, the single stack mag and a double stack:


    Single fits:


    Double, no fit:


    Hope this helps.... and dissapoints. :(
  5. Bushman that is about the nicest, most informative, descriptive post I have ever seen. Nice work!
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    And disapointing, But we already knew the outcome.
  7. Ok, I'll bite. So then, why can't we graft a 995 clip onto a double stack mag? I, of course, have little mechanical ability and would thus resort to lighting candles and chanting "ooga-chaka" in order to get this transformation to take place. But I wonder if someone could graft the top of a 995 mag onto the top of a DS mag and put a strong enough spring behind the follower to push the rounds up into the narrow single stack part. Or graft a 995 mag on top of a 995 mag? Frankenmag.

    I'll go get my candles. Let you know when I have something.

  8. Well, for one you would be destroying two working magazines to maybe make one bad one.

    But more mechanically speaking, you will most likely end up with a mechanical wedge (lock) at the point the rounds start funneling into the single stack portion. Also, think of the follower. Since the folower needs to be the width of the mag, what happens when it transitions over to single stack, you will end up with a few bullets in your mag that your not able to push out.
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    Nope, I wish it would work. But grafting a double stack lower into a Single Stack follower is a no go. Follower would only work in the upper stage, spring would get wonky in the lower stage unless you made a new spring.

    It would be easier to make your own modified SS hi cap round. which is not easy either.
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    if it was me and i needed the extra rounds that bad i'd just buy a few more 10 rnd'rs and practice alot of quick changes. plus its never a bad day when you can repeatedly empty about 6 or 7 mags at a time. just make sure you get the uplula loader first.
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    If the money was there, I think a drum would be the easiet design to adapt for a hi cap mag. However, I dont see any of the major companies developing a hi-point drum any time soon. The only hope is that promag might develop one if the demand was there, but thier stuff is known to be hit or miss anyway.
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    + don't forget the soumi drum fabricasion of about a year ago, and the
    Blood sweat and tears" that went into that one.
    lotsa of time and toil into an "almost" finnish drum for the 995.
    lesson learned--buy extra mags and become a Quick Change Artist.

    Mike in Tampa.
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    i tried to graft a 995 and a c-9 mag together. no go. no mater what i do i bind up in the transition. i am a ME and have the right tooling to make one. i did design one though. i can post a 3d rendering of it on monday.
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    This is the most posted topic the forum has ever had... Practice practice practice learn to change mags...