995 classic back from mom

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Hansj3, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    I just got a 995 back from hi point, that I bought on gun broker a while back....

    Of the 34 items there were 7 that were acceptable to the smith.

    The PO must have beat it like some sort of Irish child from another mother. I was hoping for a ts stock too, but they must still have a few monkey stocks around. No free mags though...

    I also got a warning to not use aftermarket stocks or mags. It was bold, underlined, and highlighted... I guess he thought there was a chance that's happened in the past. I'm looking forward to some range time soon
  2. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    The NO MAGAZINE is surprising to me?
    The BOLD print is on all their paperwork.
    I love the Classic stock, MoM won't do the TS Stock for FREE.

    Have FUN with your gun!!!

  3. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    But at some point, they'll run out.;)
  4. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    At least it came back with my mags. I did get a sling and a new stock for free so I can't complain.
    I did get a laugh out of the notes on the work order, they had to ream the chamber, Repin the barrel, and adjust the frame
  5. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    It's been rumored that use of Promag magazines and ATI stocks leave very distinctive damage to classic 995s. I'd say he knows if that's happened in the past.
  6. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    I was mistaken. On further examination there was a mag in the rifle as well.
    With 3x marks on the bottom... I wonder why

    I kinda dig the look now. The receiver cover is all scratched and chipped along with the barrel shroud, but the stock still has release agent on it its so fresh
    Its cool they give you a sling and an adjustment tool and all the manuals to go with it, its like buying a new rifle all over, but for only $20 in shipping

    I guess even if I buy the ts stock I'm still under two bills with this thing.
  7. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    If I was a betting man I'd put all my money on "they still have the molds".
  8. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    You can send the receiver shroud back to MoM for a complete re-paint or pay $25 for a new one. I have bought several new ones myself. I'm surprised they didn't re-paint that for you?
  9. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    It works, if I get a new ts stock, I will think about maybe painting them both
  10. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    All the TS stock does is make them look more dastardly. IMO the monkey stock shoots better.
  11. ratchowmein

    ratchowmein Member

    Didn't HP tell Talon at one time that they weren't replacing the classic stock anymore?
    I'd ask him but I think he was sent to the reformatory.
  12. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I don't think they are fazing out the Classic stock?
    I sent in a Classic Camo 995 last year & MoM replaced it with a black Classic stock saying they were out of stock on the Camo's at this time.