995 Classic, Whats it worth?

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  1. Dagwood

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    So I'm checking my local equivalent to ArmsList and I come across a "custom Carbine 9mm FS/FT". No picture btw. The description is "Customized HiPoint 9mm carbine". open to all offers. Without seeing the gun, I text the guy and say that I have a Taurus PT738 with 3 extended magazines. Text me and we can talk about it. Long story short, its a 995 classic that has been painted metallic blue that he got from a friend. My trade is worth about 250.00 he says he sees the 9mm hi point carbines going for 300 to 325 and thinks my offer is too low. When I start to inquire about the gun and tell him I think the blue paint is a detractor and that he is probably seeing the TS not the classic online he gets offended and says he is refusing the offer. my question is , What do you think its worth?

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  3. MachoMelvin

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    I bought my last 995 off of GB 2 months ago. When it came in it was a Chrome Classic, cost me $185 + $20 shipping + $16 FFL. I have 7 of them. Around here, they post them up for a week or two for $300. Then you keep watching them drop to $275 to $250 to $200. Tell him to call you when he is ready for your deal. It won't be long. HP must have made a BOAT load of 995 Classics, they are all over the place.
    PS: Let me know if you need a black Classic stock? I have 2-995's & 1-4095
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  4. Dagwood

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    Thats about what I was thinking. I thought My trade offer was more than fair.
  5. Dagwood

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    We'll see if he calls me. He seemed pretty offended. He felt that I was questioning his knowledge because I asked him "what do you know about this gun?, have you shot it?". It reminded me of that commercial with the old ladies where the one says to the other one "I unfreind you".
  6. talon

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    tell him you'll throw in a picture of your arse,and a BIC lighter, as he is obviously smoking crack thinking its worth 300 bucks.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    Keep an eye on his ad, contact him in 2 weeks. I have contacted sellers 2-3 times before they wore down & sold me the 995 just to get rid of me. I was never offensive, just checking back to see how their sale went?
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    I bought a used 995 classic in 2012 for $200 plus ($25 shipping & $25 FFL). It has the ATI stock ($50), extra Mag ($17), Red Dot scope ($35), soft gun case ($25) and it has the original stock with mounting hardware ($??).
  9. gasman42

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    I wouldn't buy any painted gun except maybe a powder coated mosin.
  10. Dagwood

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    I painted my 4595ts. I would buy it. Oh wait, I already own it.

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  11. bluebone

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    i'd pull your offer off the table. you shouldnt have any trouble finding a classic for under $200. i got my camo classic for $199 with an extra mag and a tactical soft case off GB. then $14 for shipping and $20 for FFL.
  12. Dagwood

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    If he actually calls me back I will probably offer him 150.00 and see what he says. Then, depending on mechanical condition it may be off to MoM for an overhaul. He did say he shot the gun, but I'm not sure I even believe that.