995 Faux-perssor for sale (2)

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  1. Bush how tight do they fit to the barrel? Everything I have attached to my barrel so far by utilizing a set screw has come loose or the set screw has stripped out. I hate those things. How difficult would it be to add a second set screw for extra grip/pressure/force or whatever the word I am looking for is? Am I reading correctly that LOA is 4.5"?

  2. Adjuster, they are fairly loose on the barrel (10 thousands over).

    I suggest you use less pressure when tightening your set screw..... just kidding. Thats why these are protos and require testing. The one I have on mine is set screwed and did not loosen up (granted, very little shooting).
  3. ntermind

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    would there be much of a gap on the ATI stock?
  4. griff30

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    I want the flash hider but man that looks sweet.
    I really got to send in my money for a tax stamp and build a real one.
    I like the 2 stage suppressors, call me a kid of the 80's but the Mac10 look was awesome.
  5. Are these still for sale? Can I use it with my ATI stock?
  6. Or do these fit the Hi-Point stock with the front sight removed...or with front sight on?
  7. very nice, if i had a carbine I would definately be interested
  9. Well, what can I say, I bought it many moons ago to put on an AR15 but I never got around to buying one. Currrenly the HP is the only one that has a picatinny rail on it... so, what the heck. Better than gathering dust.
  10. It looks like the faux supressor will leave about an 1/2 inch gap if installed with the ATI stock. Am I correct?
  11. Sounds about right.... at least these first two will.
  12. No Contact Us link at your site. So I have to ask here, are you planning on making one long enough for the ATI stock?
  13. Dead, I still need to streamline the site a bit but there is contact info on all pages.

    On the commerce site its on the left side, last item on the Information square.

    On the info site (black), its on the bottom of every page.

    And yes, I plan on making one for the ATI and 4095 as soon as I get my material in... tomorrow.... horay!!!
  14. Any timeline on the 5 incher for the ATI stock?
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    Once you get some stuff for the 4095 i might be interested in a couple items.
  16. OK, the 4095 trigger is being tested. I have some stock of the 4095 long flash hider. The handle fits both carbines.
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    hmmm ill let you know. My buddy and i were talking about ordering 2 charging handles the other day, might wait till the 4095 triggers are available before i order.
  18. And still got a customer waitting to send his money in for the 5 inch 995 faux supressor [black]....... :lol:

    For the ATI stock