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    I'm thinking of selling /trading my 995 at my local gunshop for an XD40. It is currently at Beemiller getting serviced again for an extractor problem, but it should be back next week. I'm sort of leaning towards trading it in and cutting my losses to pick up an XD40, but I'm open to offers.
    I've never sold a firearm, so I don't know exactly what's involved with the FFL transfers, but I do know the local gun shop I normally visit completes transfers for a fee. The 995 will sell as pictured... with 5 hi-point 10 rd mags , the ATI and factory stock... but I'll be keeping the soft case and bi-pod.
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    How much are you asking?

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    The carbine has about 400 rounds of WWB 115gr through it so far. I bought the 995 in Nov. '07 brand new in box w/redot for $250.00. The ATI stock was around $50.00, the shroud another $40.00, and I purchased 3 10rd hi-point mags at $14.00 a piece.

    ASKING $325.00
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    I'll buy two of those mags if they're still on the table.
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    Hop back on Delorean and change te date to January 24th, 2008.