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    Went to the range yesterday after my mags have been loaded for a couple of weeks (again). and I am still getting some feed issues. No More FTE's- just 2-4 rounds per mag feed north of the chamber putting them perpendicular, which gets wedged when the bolt closes in on it.
    The best mag is my original- the one with the angled follower. The other 3 were purchased from the factory and have the 'stepped' follower.

    My feed ramp is breaking in- still some paint after about 400 rounds.
    Mags all have the same lip widths as per my 'analog' calipers.

    Time to send it in?
    last chance tips before it goes to Ohio?
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    No Takers?
    Anyone have a tutorial on Feed Ramp Polishing on a 995?
    Magazine lip widths? I'd love some of that stuff from the old site, we had tons of great data there.

  3. I took some very fine sandpaper and rubbed the feed ramp until I could see myself in it. Then I cleaned everything up and went from there.

    Be careful to polish just the feedramp, and not the chamber as pointed out by GM

    As Primal pointed out, put cotton balls in the bore and any other place that you do not want the grit to go to and remove them after done.

    Sorry, cant help you with the mags, still trying to figure that one out myself :wink:
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    Thanks a bunch. Any disassembly tips? Those are gone too. we had s good step-by-step on the old board.
  5. Ok, lets see how good my memory is

    This is for a factory stock:

    1) remove the magazine from the weapon
    2) pull the bolt handle several times and visually and physically make sure the weapon is empty
    3)remove the front sling assembly or screw if you do not have the sling on
    4)remove the charging bolt and lock back sleve
    5)remove the 2 bolts and nuts that hold the metal cover to the plastic stock, remove the metal cover
    6)remove the barrel shroud
    7)lift the slide and barrel assembly from the stock
    8)on the back bottom of the firearm assembly there is a slide that needs to be pushed to the rear
    9)pull the slide slightly to the rear and lift up and the slide will come loose from the barrel and trigger assembly
    10) the firing pin and retaining post and springs will now slide out to the rear, make sure to notice how they came out,
    11) move the slide forward towards the end of the barrel out of the way and you can now see the breech and feed ramp

    assembly is pretty well the same as dissasembly except in reverse, make sure that the front clip on the barrel goes in and lines up with the front stock hole and the screw or sling post goes through it

    make sure that the rear firing pin retainer goes back in the hole properly and the metal slide plate slides back and retains it

    when you have it all together, pull the bolt several times to make sure it is assembled properly and without the mag in the rifle pull the trigger and make sure the firing pin will fire.

    This should be pretty close to what you need to do, hope it helps
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    Pretty good memory there. Seems pretty logical, just making sure i didn't miss anything.
  7. That should get you pretty close if nothing else. The carbine is easy to deal with, if you get to a spot and are not sure, just study it for a minute or two and you will probably figure it out, if not give us a holler