995 Gun Case

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  1. How long is the 995 with a ATI stock installed ?

    I'm looking for a carry case and I want to get one that isn't to long.
  2. Langford

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    Mine is 31" from the end of the barrel to the end of the stock.

    I purchased a really nice winchester break-down shotgun case for my 4095, but it was about 1/2" too short to fit the gun in it, so I took it back. I just looked it up again to see what the dimensions were, and it was listed to be 31-7/8"...but thats the outside dimensions, I wonder if it is long enough to fit my 995 in it. It would be the perfect case to put my 12 gauge in, and perfect for my 995, if it would fit. I may have to run back to cabelas tomorrow to see what the inside dimension is. I already have the same winchester rifle case, and pistol case...so I would like to get this one to match.


  3. Jarhead1775

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    Yup 31" on the nose.
  4. Chef Dennis

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    Shootest mentioned to me that you guys were talking custom cases and since it looks like there are a few new guys since I posted these pictures of my custom case and how to do it, he suggested that I bring the thread backup.

    Here is the link in the "Tech Tip" forum here on the Hi Point Board to the thread for a case I made for my Robibson XCR. You can just as easily do the same thing for ANY weapon.

    With this case, you can carry it jusy about anywhere and it doesn't "scream GUN!" Enjoy. I hope it gives you a few ideas.

  5. Langford

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    I wouldnt buy either one....Im not a soft case fan though. I want my gun cases to protect my guns. Yes, a soft case will keep them from getting scratched up, but if it gets knocked around, or somebody hits it...you can break your scope, or cause other problems.
  6. Maybe I should have asked the question different, which one of these would be best ?
  7. Spydermonkey

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    The Wolf ammo tactical case is a favorite of mine. It's cheap and fits the Hi-Point, ARs, AKs, etc
  8. I think I'm gonna go with a Condor Case, they are sold where I'm getting the gun from and the are about $45-$50. Most case's I have seen on line run $30-$40 plus $15-$20 shipping. The guy at the gun shop said these were made a lot better than the Bulldogs.

    Something like this one.

  9. Ridge

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    I have 2 rifle cases, and they are both by Uncle Mike's...great soft cases, with 5 mag pouches on the outside as well as a longer external pocket that can be used for booklets, magazines, or cleaning kits and the like...