995, how much lubrication does it like?

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    I've been at the range a few times now and am happy with the performance of my 995. I have noticed that after about 100 rounds of WWB that I will start to get a few FTF's that require a light tap on the charging knob to drop into battery, a few nose into the top of the cylinder and require dropping the mag to clear the weapon.

    As of now i'm running the gun quite dry on lubrication. Usually when I get home I wipe out the chamber area with a rag of what I can reach from the ejection port and then run a boresnake through the chamber/bore 3 times or so until clean.

    This past time I put a few spritzes of Remington spray oil inside the action from the ejection port and am wondering if I was running it on too little lubrication causing issues as it got dirty.

    I don't plan on doing a detail strip until 1000 rounds or so, then i'll pull the reciever cover off, remove the action and do a thorough cleaning.

    So how much is too much lubrication on a 995? Is more cleaning required?

    Thanks all...
  2. PG870...

    I posted recently about the slide lock issue that cleaning seemed to help. For the FTFeeds, I did a little gunsmithing* that seemed to help quite a bit. I actually had mine lock open (like the mag was empty), wich is NOT a feature, as you know. Turns out when I did a full strip & clean, and hit most of inside (springs, slides, etc.) it seemed to help. I think any time I hit the 250 round mark, I will do a full cleaning, but I'm no expert on the matter. I can say that, after about 3-400 rounds, the thing was downright filthy!

    * I dremeled out the feed ramp a little bit, made it a little wider, and made the bottom area (by the magazine) a little deeper and smoothed out the sharp edge on it. Only on the first round of my second mag, when I manually fed the round, did it even slightly stick. I can post pics if needed.

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    I haven't yet disassembled the action as it was basically all new when it came back from the factory, so part of it i'm sure is probably break-in pains.

    I'll probably go and disassemble at the 1000 round mark in a few weeks to do a full cleaning and polish job on the chamber/feedramp as I do with all my firearms.

    Do you put much oil into yours?
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    What is your total round count? They do not like much oil. Myself I would wait tell you get 500 rounds through it. ( make sure it is broken in.)
  5. Ari has a good point. Do not use TOO MUCH lube...

    Also, mine was very dirty after only the initial 3-400 rounds, and that sequence was this: New From the store + 3-400 rounds = Filthy.

    Perhaps once I hit 250/300 rounds this next time, it won't need cleaned. As Ari said, maybe after the break in, 1000 rounds will be where it settles in on full cleanings. I'm still a bit of a newb myself, and will readily attest to others having much more knowledge than I, hence my presence at HPFF!

    Good luck!