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  1. I just took the red dot off my 995 and installed factory irons since my last red dot took a crap on me. Anywho, I had a weird idea... Why can't I use my 995 factory scope mount as a tact rail? Here's a pci for reference..


    Of course, I would use a black flashlight in a real application, but that is just an idea of the thought I had. If I do this, I would want another 995 scope mount to put on the other side of the weapon for a green laser or some other accessory. Then, put a rock mount bi-pod on it and I am satisfied with my 995 for the time being.

    The things I like about this idea is this:

    1, the scope rails are Hi-Point, so I am not paying big money for an after market part.

    2, Installation is easy. All it takes is a few screws and it's good to go.

    Let me know what you guys think ok?
  2. I like it. Recycling parts that would just end up in the "misc" box 'o parts.

  3. I like it!!!!! Its cheat and easy there is plenty of stuff I like that has that combo..... lol

    We need to go shoot soon too Primal!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need the stress relief...
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    very creative.. as long as the accessories mount to the rail.. dont see why using that should be any problem at all. probably rock solid too.
  5. Stryker1, I have a week off for Christmas... what is the Army giving you guys? I don't have a preference on where we go shooting, I just want pictures and videos... It sucks that I've got a forumite this close to me *less than 90 miles from here* and I haven't had a chance to go shooting with ya yet.... Key word is YET! I was also planning on doing some dove/quail hunting as well, and you're welcome to come along even if all you do is talk my ear off and drink some beer. No worries, I'll be the DD.