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Hi I found my way here. I still have to get pictures up.
Look at the Pro Package at the Hi - Point sight in the mean time.
I'll try to get pictures up this evening. I have only shot the 995 twice at the range once when I first got it and the second time after I got the 3 promag 15 rounders to give them a try. Only 200 rounds through it. The sale will have to be through an FFL. Buyer to pay all transfer fees and shipping, unless you want to buy in person. You must have a NJ Firearms ID card and driver's license and bring a transfer form that you can get from the Local Police station otherwise it has to be transferred through an FFL.

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wow, didn't think all that would be involved. And I didn't need an firearms license up here when I bought my Mossberg and AK. How much does an ffl charge? I was trying to avoid that because of the extra costs, otherwise I'd just pay the total price at a gunshop locally. If you change your mind, pm me. Otherwise, good luck with the sale. Great price for this.
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