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Got up to 55 degrees here in the still frozen north. Had to give the new 995 a go. Took three mags. Two were filled with 10 rounds of 9mm FMJ Winchester White Box. The third mag was filled with 6 reloaded (from a friend) FMJ hollow points and four 125 grain LTN cast. Not a single hiccup loading and firing. Cock and go. And at 30 yards very accurate.

I did notice something interesting after retrieving 27 out of the 30 cases out of the snow. All of my store bought ammo was Winchester White box and there was some black powder marks on one side near the top below where the bullet sits. These did not appear on the reloaded Winchester (not White Box) cases. That tells me that the friend's reloads obturate in the barrel better than the Winchester White Box cases do. The WWB obturate OK on the middle to bottom of the case (no powder marks) but some gas goes back beyond the rim of the case. Regardless the 996 had no issues with any of the rounds. The 995 is one sweet shooter.

The only issue I had was getting the mags to stay in. The first two fell out and I had to really smack them to make them stay in. Any advice? BTW, the 27 cases are already deprimed, polished inside and out, length sized, trimmed (2 needed very slight trimming) and ready to be reloaded when the scale arrives, hopefully tomorrow.
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