995 Low Profile Top Rails

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    In case anyone didn't see our post in the Carbines section, the first batch of our new Low Profile Top Rails for the Original 995 carbines are going out for Black Anodize on Monday morning. We expect to have them back and ready to ship within 10 days.

    We will start listing this batch for sale on Ebay starting Monday evening. Price is the same as for our standard brushed aluminum Top Rails for the 995 and 4095 models...$34.80 ea.

    For those who don't know us yet, our seller ID is both.of.us . You will also be able to buy them directly from our website when it is updated and all of our new Black Anodized Rails, Shrouds and other stuff, are added...Update still on target before the end of July. Once again, our website address is www.LongShotMfg.com

    Additionally, next week we are also going to start offering our own aluminum replacement nut rails for securing ALL top rails for ALL HP carbine models.

    The new nut plates are going to be of one piece design that will enable users to actually mount the nut plate to the inside of the receiver shroud itself, thereby allowing the user to take top rails on and off without having to partially disassemble their gun or remove the shroud in order to do so.

    If you are not clear on how I have described the new nut plate, it will be obvious to you when we post pics next week and when we start offering them for sale. Probably going to be priced around $12 or so.

    We are going to introduce some other new items next week as well, so keep watching for our posts or monitoring our Ebay listings.
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    New Nut Plate is a very good idea!