995 Mag issue update

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by vallen, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. vallen

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    So we lost the thread on the mag issue i was having with FTF's, FTE and Stovepiping. I remained calm and loaded all 4 of my mags and let the springs sit under tension for 2 weeks.
    Well, 2 weeks came and went. I finally had some Range time yesterday and my issues HAVE improved. Before, I had a 40% failure rate, now it's down to about 15%- which is still an issue, but better. Now I am only getting FTF's - No more Stovepipes or FTE issues.

    Mainly, these a are happening with 2 of the 4 mags (both the newer design) and with the first 3 rounds. What usually happens is the round points to high when entering the chamber- or- the next round is trying to get up in there with the initial round. To clear, i just release the mag and both rounds fall on the table.

    Oh, and my Feed ramp is still Black after 350+ rounds.

    Tips? Suggestions? Keep waiting and shooting? I want this reliably usable ASAP. Should I mess with the Mag lips now?
  2. JasonJ

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    tweak the feed lips so that the rounds sit at the right angle.. then polish up the feed ramp.. should be good.

  3. andrew241

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    I am having misc problems with mine still, I have teaked the lips and polished the ranp, still same problems. Off to the factory it goes.
  4. vallen

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    We've had some discussions on the angle and the feed lips, to some debate.
    Any definitive answer? KABOOM had some good graphics, but not sure if it was the final word.
    I just wish Hi Point could get some lips/ramps that work straight from the factory. They aren't ProMags- they are Hi Point Mags.

    Still less than 500rnds- should i send it in?