995 Magazine not feeding

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Jonjer76, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Jonjer76

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    I just purchased my 995 about a week ago and the magazine is not feeding correctly. You can load the first 4-5 rounds fine, but then the rounds start rotating forward slightly. By the time you load all 10 rounds the top round is not angled up, its flat. The 995 always FTFeeds on the first few, then its fine. Has any one had problems with there mags before?
  2. Stan9106

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    I've developed the habit of looking to make sure that last round is standing up tight against the feed lips before I insert the mag into the carbine, which seems to work well for me. Do you have more than one magazine, and if so does it misfeed with all of them or only some? If it's only some, try comparing the feed lips on the bad one to the good ones, as they can get bent fairly easily.

  3. Thorn 242

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    try smaking the back of the mag on a table or with your hand...it sometimes sets the rounds back against the back of the mag where they need to be
  4. Jonjer76

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    I've tried smacking it, it does not work. My previous 995 didn't do this. Were there different followers or mags on the 995's a few years back?
  5. Do you have more than 1 mag? There is always the chance that the mag is bad or something.
  6. Jonjer76

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    I have only 1 mag, but i ordered 2 more so hopefully those will work.
  7. scottb

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    Same problem with my new 995ts

    Took it to the range where I fired 120 rounds with a 60 percent fail. Tried several different types of ammo and noticed the first 5 rounds would feed properly then most of the rest had to be manually chambered. My guess is the magazine is the problem. The bullet seems to be getting stuck in the magazine. I have tried smacking the mag with no success. If I take the mag out, lift the front of the bullet until it clicks up, that bullet will feed. If the bullet is flat, it will not feed. I have two more magazines ordered and I am hoping a different magazine will solve the problem. I would hate to start off the Hipoint relationship with a gun the needs warranty work out of the box so I am hopeful my guess that the mag is the culprit is correct. Other than gun not functioning properly, I would have to imagine the 995 is a joy to play with.