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    I need a hi capacity magazine for my 995 mounted in an ATI stock to use at our gun club's monthly tactical shoot. My local gun shop has ProMag 15 round magazines for the HP 995 in stock. First question is are they any good? Second question is will they fit the 995 in the ATI stock with that wide plastic grip on the bottom of the magazine? Thanks in advance.
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    I've tried 3 different Pro mags to no avail. Every time I used them my gun jammed. I have not had one problem with the stock mags. I just bought 3 additional mags so now I have 40 rounds to go through till I reload the mags. Some folks have screwed with the promags and made them work, but for 5 extra rounds per mag it wasn't worth my time.

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  3. Very few people have posted here that the pro mags work ok for them. If you buy them its a flip of the coin and chances are you will be disappointed with them
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