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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by bkcraun, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. bkcraun

    bkcraun Member

    Just ordered two more 995 mags from Hi-Point. That gets me to 6 total. How many do you have?
  2. 4 hi-point mags, 1 10-round pro-mag, one 15-round pro-mag. And to answer everyone's question, no, the pro-mags aren't working well.

  3. 9mmXfactor

    9mmXfactor Member

    3 mags... hey gotta start somewhere.
  4. I have 7 mags and no 995... Not gonna get rid of the mags though, I'll have another 995 soon.
  5. You might want to check the angle of the follower on those Pro-Mags.
    Mine had the angle way off so I sanded it down. I still need to test it out at the range but it feeds better now when I do it by hand.
  6. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    think i got three also.
  7. Jettster

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    8 mags for the 995, I want to make a double mag coupler that attaches to the base, a u shaped bracket, for quick changes, but I am tired, and it was 100 degrees that past 3 days, so I may have cracked my brain.
  8. bkcraun

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    Good idea. I've seen those for 10/22 mags. Let us know what you come up with!
  9. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    2 BERSA mags...
    3 995 10-rounders...
    1 C9 mag...
    1 1911 8-Rounder (Novak)...
    I need more mags... :lol:
  10. 5 here, thanks to Mr. W.
  11. andrew241

    andrew241 Member

    I have 1 :( I actually need to send my 995 in for service. Its not feeding and ejecting properly with my single mag or any of my buddys mags.
  12. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    I've got 3 for my 995. I originally wanted to have 10 but they are so expensive it's hard to put that much in em. I'll probably get 2 more and call it quits with those.
  13. I have 6 4095 mags for two 4095 carbines, two each for the .45JHP and .40JCP pistols, and 1- 8 rd and 1- 10 rd for the C9

    I have 2 15 rd Promag 9mm mags that I am in the process of trading to someone that will most likely be able to make the darn things dependable.

    Glad to be of service Newskate ;)
  15. wd6bgn

    wd6bgn Guest


    4 mags for the 994, five for my C9. And you can stuff the 995 mag into the C9. It works. Might have help hold it with the off hand. But it's nice knowing that I can use the 995 mag in the pistol.
    Need at least one more, so I can have 50 rounds ready to go.
  16. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    6, 5 hp factory mags and 1 15rndr from promag, and mine has never failed after about 300 rnds through it(the promag that is.)
  17. elguapo

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    As with all my collecting, should I get a 995, I would have numerous magazines available for everything that I have so far collected: AR and AK mags, bountiful. 1911 mags, again, I got a selection. JHP: I got 3. Sad, I only have the factory mag for my C9 :(