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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Blacksmith, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Blacksmith

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    Hello, I recently pic up a 995TS, used. It came with a muzzle break, and since I have never shot this gun or any other with a break I thought I'd get a few options. Yes, I know I'm opening this up for a lot of wise cracks.

    Any thoughts on pros and cons?
  2. panoz77

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    It doesn't really need a brake (not break), mostly just cosmetic. The Hipoint brake is a bolt on not thread on brake, so most other options out there are threaded, so now you are into the expense of threading the barrel and then buying a brake. I don't think there are many other bolt on 9mm brakes out there.

  3. talon

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    pretty much what panoz said. the HP's muzzle brake is 99% just cosmetic. You'll see or feel no noticeable difference in how the gun fires with or without it. the only ''pro'' in my eyes of it, is that it does add weight to the front and helps balance the gun somewhat, but, if you've never fired an HP ....ts before, you again, wouldnt even realize the difference. personally, i think the factory piece is just plain ugly.
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    NE Utah
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    One big con for a threaded muzzle break is that it would make the Hi Point carbines illegal in NJ and possibly other states that frown on a threaded barrel!
  6. On the 9mm it's basically pointless except cool factor, on the .40 it might help a bit, but the carbines, as big and heavy as they are, shooting handgun rounds, have very minimal recoil to begin with.

    I have one on my 995TS and it looks cool, but I never noticed a difference.

    Make sure it stays tight though, many a clamp-on muzzle brake have been sent down range.

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  7. Blacksmith

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    Thanks guys, that's kinda what I figured but it's good to know. I think it looks better with it on so I'll leave it there. Thanks for the correction on break vs brake. If I'd have thought about it I'm sure I would have spelled out correctly.
  8. Not2ManyGuns

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    Wise cracks eh! Try not to break your brake.
  9. Stogies

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    That brake is just for looks and since it's just screwed on it tends to eventually fly off... :D
  10. lsi1

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    i look at it like this its like putting lipstick on a pig. no function at all but somewhere someone finds it attractive.

    That being said there is one on the front of my 995 classic.