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995 old style.....new

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Anyone in Cullman Alabama area interested in new 995....$199...?
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You should try putting this in the for sale section
I am!!! If I had the $$$. :embarrassed2:
Thanks anon....should of thought of that :-[ Maybe I should mention that there are two of them at a LGS. I do not own them, I just wanted to let anyone in the Cullman Alabama area know they are there. I am trying to encourage some of the locals to give Hi-points a try. I mentioned some time ago to one of the salesmen how nmuch I enjoyed mine and he ordered two of them for the store. I won't be making anything off these, just trying to help. Would one of you mods move this to for sale so I don't double post, thanks bunches. Chefman
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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