995 (original stock) BUTT-PAD ???

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by shadowlands, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Hey, does anyone have the original "Hi-Point" Butt Pad on the orginal Hi-Point stock? I have it. I honestly love it and I like the look.
    The only thing I dislike is the fact that the two spare mags that it holds will fall out if you point the weapon down.
    Any have any cool ideas on correcting that?

    *I asked my father and he said "stop pointing the weapon down".

    waltham, what did you do???


  2. urotu

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    You know what might work to help keep those in? An arm band from an MP3 player. Elastic and held tight by velcro. If wrapped around the butt pad tightly enough it should help keep them from slipping out.
  3. rzrbax

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    I bought some of the black waffle looking rubber non slip "fabric" from WalMart for about $3.00 (made for shelf liner). I cut a piece to fit into the mag pouch and just reach the top of the pouch on both sides of the mag. So essentially I cut a piece roughly the width of the mag and twice the length of the metal. Make a "U" with the rubber, insert the magazine into the "U", and then insert into the pouch. End of problem. You can still pull the mag out, but it will not fall out. Sorry for no pics..................................Bill
  4. Shadow, I have not done anything yet, but was thinking of something similar to what rzrbax has described
  5. waltham & rzrbax,
    Not a bad idea... Now the rubber/shelf liner strip that you cut out? You just semi wrap it around the mag before placing the magazine in?
    you don't hold the rubber liner in place?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with mine on the 4095. I use a large heavy rubberband and it keeps them in no matter what I do untill I want them out. Just a pull and BAM they come out no problem
  7. You could always use a hot glue gun and put some glue on the strip and then slide it in place with a mag. I am pretty sure it would then stay in place
  8. waltham... outstanding idea... I like that thought combined with rzrbax idea... hmmmmm...
  9. It might just be a do-able deal I will have to find something to use as the strip, my wife has a hot glue gun.

    I will try to get it done and let you guys know how it went.
  10. thanks waltham.... let me know...
    I would love to have the mags not fall out...
  11. I sure will, I am looking around the house for a suitable material now to give it a try
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    I have the same on my rifle. The mags come out sometimes from the recoil.
  13. rzrbax

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    Yep, just slip the shelf liner rubber vertically in a "U" from the bottom of the mag, slip both into the mag holder on the butt pad, and it will NOT come out. It does not require any glue. The mag will respond to pulling out, however.
  14. I look forward to giving it a shot myself.
  15. The only reason I am going to use a little glue is to make sure the material stays in place. I am not going to use a lot of glue, just a little at the bottom and around the top so the material will stay spread open for easy inserting of the mags.
  16. Here is what I ended up doing. I had a black rubber mousepad, so I took it and cut it the width and length of the mags. THen I put them in the slots with the rubber side touching the mags.

    Then I stood the carbine barrel up, and made a gap between the piece I cut and the part of the slot that is the slick rubber material, and took the glue gun and put an ample amount in ending at the top where the rubber pad I had cut came up to.

    I then slid the mag in to press it snugly, and repeated on the other side.

    When they "cured" I checked them out, they hold the mags securely and look good.
  17. waltham, thanks a million!!!
    See, you would have never tried if it weren't for me starting this posting.... HA!!! (see how I am?)
    I think it's time for me to get motivated and try it out myself...
  18. It works good for me. I can take the 4095 and with full mags turn it upside down and shake it and the mags stay in place.

    Thanks for getting me motivated to doing this shadowlands and rzrbax ;)
  19. Indeed!!! I'm looking forward to doing the same. Most likely on Sunday if I can find my silly hot glue gun... I know it's around here someplace...