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Hi, all! I'm wanting to convert this:

Trigger Font Gun barrel Magenta Air gun

Into something along these lines:

Machine Aviation Toy airplane Wood Metal

Which, I think you'll agree, is considerably more dignified. :)

Not wishing to go through all the blatherskite of an SBR build, I'd like to put on a full length ventilated barrel shroud instead. Can someone point me towards a source for the shroud (and a suitable folding stock)?


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This is the one I built using a 995ts as a doner.

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

It works perfectly folded or extended. I want to say the stock was a CZ folding stock for an AK but I'm not sure. I do remember it cost me about $75 for that part alone.

Tool Wood Metal Nickel Titanium

There was a member here that started making shrouds. I contacted them and they made one in the custom size I needed. Don't recall who they were but it was reasonable and they did a great job. Someone here might come up with the name. There is a thread around here somewhere documenting the whole build. Be damned if I can find it.

Above is its current config. Below are a couple different versions I played with.

Gun barrel Trigger Wood Gun accessory Metal

Wood Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

For the record, it is not a SBR. It is still legal length.
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