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  1. I walked into a local gun shop the other day and was looking around and saw in person a 995 for the first time, so of course I went straight to it. when I asked the price they said $215 is that about the average or does that seem a bit high?
  2. Ridge

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    Sounds high to me...keep looking around, checking gun shows, etc...you are bound to find a deal...

  3. unclerob

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    I think the MSRP is $220.
    Here in AZ the $215 price is on the high end of the average scale. $179 is about as low as I see them around here new.
    There are folks here on the forum that see them a lot higher than $215.
    It IS just a plain 995 with no extras, right?
  4. yeah just factory 995 no extras,

    I'm not really in the market for a 995 but I would not mind getting my hands on a 4095 in the future though (new or used)
  5. Ari

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    Around here the 995 is right at $195
  6. Joe Sixpack

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    i paid 160 for mine.. probably could have gotten it for 150 had i waited.. i'd say anything over 175-180 is high for the 995.. but it varies from area to area.
  7. I'm in NY (Long Island) I just paid $210 for mine this past Saturday. I thought it would've been less.
  8. $170 for mine, NIB. You can still find them here for that price in pawn shops... not at gun shows.
  9. Aran

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    I just paid $170, at Dunham's. They should still be on sale, but I don't havea flyer handy
  10. 47_MasoN_47

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    Got mine at a local pawn shop NIB for $180. I'm in Alabama.
  11. mattk

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    new york prices seem to be higher. i paid 230 for mine. it came with the bsa red dot. i probably could have gotten it cheaper if i looked around a bit, but there are only a few gun shops around me. 50+ miles to the next closest and gas aint cheap!
  12. I live in ohio here where they are made i paid 160 out the door for my 995.
  13. heydave

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    I paid $195 NIB at a gun shop.
  14. I saw a few for $189 last month at the Philly gun show.
  15. When I got mine, I picked it up for $135 NIB from my local gun dealer. But that was a few years ago, well more like 6 or 7 years ago.
  16. Jettster

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    I got mine in Baltimore at a gun show for $265 INCLUDING the ATI body, and 2 extra clips.
  17. Lex

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    Little over $200 here in FL with tax at a gun shop. Most shops around here want over $230 for them.
  18. The local gunshop I use in SE Ohio always has them at $169. However they have sales about every two months, then you can get them $159.
    Hell, I feel bad I talked a buddy into a C9, he paid $120 used, now they are on sale $119 NIB. :lol:
  19. I paid $240 OTD 2 months ago at a local gun shop here in CT. It was the 995PRO package and came with 3 mags and the mag pouch. The MSRP is $260.