995 Prototype flash hinders for sale. (2) - SOLD

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Bushman98, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Ok guys, I made two protype 995 flash hinders and now they are on sale.

    I call these prototype because we were experimenting with putting on a powdercoat and although it came out nice, they do have flaws. Production parts probably wont be powdercoated at all.

    They are the "long" type.


    Here are a couple of the flaws:



    They can probably touched up with some black paint.

    Selling them for $20, includes shipping. Limit 1 per customer (I want more than one person to test them out). Please post a review if your one of the lucky two. Production ones will sell from 20-30 with no powdercoating.

    They atach to your barrel via one setscrew on the bottom (like the front sight). Aprox 2.75" long, .875" in diameter, barrel hole is .75" deep. They have 4 teardrop shape cuts 60 degrees apart, none on the bottom.

    PM, me if you would like one..... first come first served.
  2. Holy crap that looks nice. Any chance of getting the powder coating issues worked out and selling that as an option?

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    I would like to try one out.Then when they go into production I would like another one for the 995 and 1 for my 4095.Then if the 4595 ever gets here, one for that also.You do awsome work, man.
  4. Adjuster:

    Powdercoating is a total pain the in .... behind. Its dirty, long, smelly and slightly poisonous work. Also, as you can see in the pictures it can "ruin" perfectly good part and causes an additional warranty issue (if you receive a chipped part or chip it on installation. If I can figure out and a way to contain cleanup, perfect adhesion and improve productivity I will think about offering it... but for now and the near future, no.

    I will tell you that these things take flat black grill paint very well. That original one you see in the review pictures I painted with grill paint and it is still holding up.
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    Check your PM!
    I just hope Im not late!
  6. i want one of teardrop ones when will thay be ready