995 range report #1

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  1. Just got back from the farm, where I tested my new (used) 995. As Dickens wrote "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"...

    I took the gun to my dad's farm where I do all of my shooting, and in my enthusiasm I forgot to take my targets. So I improvised with a 9 inch paper plate (let the flaming begin). I drew a 1.5 inch circle in the center, taped it to a 2x6, stepped off 50 yards and let fly.

    My first shot was a high-left, a couple of others went wide right, but after about five shots tinkering with the sights, everything was inside the 7-ring. I have a laser, but it was so bright, I chose not to try sighting it in today.


    My first disappointment: my POSmag, er I mean, promag 15 round mag was worthless... it jammed on every stinking round. I was tempted to tape it to the target. It will be going back tomorrow. Wish I had found this forum BEFORE I bought it.

    Second disappointment: With the factory mag, first shot was always perfect, second round would stovepipe, shake it out, rack the bolt, eight rounds fire flawlessly. I did notice that the feed ramp is a little rough looking, may try to polish it before next outing, and I am going to leave the mag fully loaded for a couple of weeks to condition the spring to see if that helps.

    Other than that, I am well pleased with my purchase. For the first time I have shot a rifle in YEARS, that kind of grouping with iron sights is pretty good in my estimation. The 9mm carbine has a lot of power too (that 2x6 was demolished after 45 rounds). But most important, I had a blast shooting it. Even my dad got into the act, with a big smile on his face, and that is something I won't forget (thanks for that Hi-Point :) )
  2. Glad to hear you're pleased and enjoyed your rifle. Be sure to stock up on factory mags--I've got 3 and they all work without problem. Try the keep-em-loaded for two weeks trick and see if it helps.

    As for your targets--why should you be flamed? Paper plates are a handy size and easy to get target. I not only keep some in my range bag, I get colored stick-on dots wherever I find them cheap to use for bullseyes.

  3. nice range report, and welcome to hi point heaven.. i'm planning on doing some shooting with my hi point firearms tomorrow morning... :D :D