995 range report - part 1

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  1. I've had the 995 for a week, but today was my first opportunity to visit the range. It's been forty years since I've fired a rifle, but thanks to glockman's dial-in instructions, I had things working reasonably well in not-so-short order: I had to turn the adjustment screws a lot more than I had expected, so it was the bang-bang-bang-twist thing through about three mags before I had it close. I think that there's still room for improvement, but I was getting two-inch groups at fifty feet (yes, feet, not yards). My shooting glasses were driving me nuts, because they kept pushing my regular glasses out of position and out of focus. I'll be shopping for a new pair. Oh, and I need to practice more. :D

    I went through about 200 rounds with six mags, and had one feed failure. This occurred after about 70 rounds so, even though all the mags were new, I'm not sure that they were the cause. Shrug. I was loading them with eight rounds max because of the new springs, and the one failure occurred a few rounds into a mag. I made no adjustments to any of the mags before or after the FTF, and every thing else worked perfectly.

    It was great fun, and when I got home, I found a pair of bushman's triggers in the mailbox, one each for my 995 and C9. It also looks like they will be close to a drop-in fit in my Iberia .40 so, if this works, I'll be ordering another later.

    At any rate: part 2 in a few days after I've bushmanized it. The trigger feel definitely has room for improvement, and I'm hoping that this will help.
  2. Bushmanized... thats a mouth full..... but I like it.

  3. Not a mouthful: a worthy attribute.

    That said, and on another topic: Filthy!

    Filthy! Filthy! Filthy!

    I was shooting WallyWorld WWB, as I've done in my C9. In the latter case, it goes bang, spits out some decently clean brass, and waits for the next trigger pull. We do this a buncha times, gather up some reasonably clean brass and go home.

    Not today, with the 995: the brass is black with crud, my fingers are nasty, the barrel and chamber are encrusted with char and need multiple swabs of Hoppes 9 when I get home. So what gives? Same ammo, same number of rounds?

    What I think: the barrel is longer, and stuff that would be lost to the atmosphere of the range is captured inside the carbine. Thus: no problem, but different firearm. True? False? Opinions?

    But, I hesitate to say it: this may be more fun that (gulp) my C9.
  4. My 995 is a dirty shooter too. I sighted in my iron sights today, shot about 100 rounds WWB and it was also spitting out really dirty brass. It's not just your 995 dude, it's mine too.
  5. Thanks, primal. Sounds like I'm normal. (Or, at least, my 995 is, grin.) More after I bushmanize(tm) my C9 and 995.