995 Range Time at last!

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by Dockem, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Dockem

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    Got a chance to get to the range to zero in my 995 and scope: a 3-9X40. Shot WAY right at first at 25 yards and about right on the horizon. Went thru about a box of Remington 115gr 9mm to get it right on. Very nice groupings, about 2 - 2 1/2 inches.

    Then went back to 50 yards and rezeroed it again, still a bit right and shooting low (?) - thought it would be a bit high, but not. Also very nice groupings, all hits in the 6" ShootnSee, save for an occasional flyer. Didn't get a pic as I peppered the target pretty good.

    Then went over to the 100 yd range and put some Seller & Belloit 115gr 9mm down range. It was very windy (20-30mph gusts) - that's my excuse for the day :lol: Pretty hard to see the hits when not on the ShootnSee, right and low again. Finally got a string of about 8 of 10 hits in the ShootnSee.

    Then had some Wolf 115gr 9mm that I tried some fast shooting on a target someone had used a 22cal on earlier (hence the smaller hits on the target I used). Shot 50 on this target in fast fire.

    Fast fire and slow would be a lot nicer with a better trigger action! Hope it loosens up a bit. Pretty happy with the result for the 9mm carbine.

    25yd group, 10 shots:


    100yd group: 8 of 10 on the target


    100yd - 50 shots at fast fire (disregard .22 hits):

  2. mjpatrick

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    Good shooting. From 50yds and 100 yds with just a red dot on my 995 I am glad to get them all on a 8x10 paper. :)

  3. Maverick

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    +1 Your not the only one.

    I can't see where I'm hitting at 50+yards without a scope. Thats why I rarely shoot the 995 past 25yards. It's no fun if you cant even tell if your hitting the target or not.
  4. Ari

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    Nice shooting....
  5. SamW

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    That's good shooting. I would expect nothing less from these nice little carbines. The 40 S&W shoots just as well as my 9mm. I don't think there is another carbine sold for the price of the Hi Points and accurate at that.
  6. well done! I've not done the 100 yd thing yet - that'll be one of my next trip objectives.