995 Returned Home

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    Yesterday I got this strange voicemail from UPS saying they would be delivering a package that required a signature, today. I had not heard anything from HP (sent her back to the mother ship on 5-15) and wasn't expecting anything so I waited (on vacation).
    Sure enough! UPS guy handed me my 995. Got this list of Items Redone: Knit Line, Slide, Breech, Extractors, Rails Buffed, Firing Pin, Firing Pin Springs, Safety, Chamber and Buff Ramp. No other explanations or telling me what happened. Man, I guess I tore her up to need all that. The only sad thing was I did not get any new magazines. I was hoping for a another new one or two. :( But, I did get a whole bag of the basics, trigger lock, tool, sling, weaver rail etc. I guess for the warranty I can't complain too much about not getting new mags to boot.
    Hope to hit the range, tonight and get her sighted back in. :lol: