995 Scope Base Assembly? Found!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by azddave, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. azddave

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    Thanks for everyone's help and assistance. I accepted Huggy's offer and I'm now the proud owner of a 995 scope rail! I will be taking many of your suggestions and sending the gun off to Hi-Point for a look-over in the future. For now I'm going to just shoot it for a bit.

    Thanks Huggy and HPFF.

    Does anyone have a scope base assembly for the stock 995 that they are no longer using? The 995 that I purchased used did not come with one. I will be glad to pay shipping and a nominal fee for the part.

    Thanks guys (and gals),
  2. jason865

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    Not trying to kill anyones sale here, but if you call hi-point and tell them they will most likely send you one for free.

  3. azddave

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    Thanks Jason, but I did call them. The wanted me to send the whole carbine back. Guess I'll do that if I have to, but I'm trying to avoid it.

  4. jason865

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    Ahhhh, they tried to get me to send in my 4095 as well, but after telling them a couple of times that I could repair it they finally sent me the parts. I dont know why they are so weird about people working on their own firearms. Maybe it is a liability issue or something.
  5. elguapo

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    I'd have to agree on the liability aspect of it.
  6. They like to do a 100% muzzle to butt look over any chance they get to make sure all your parts are up to date, especially when it goes from owner to owner. It's not a bad idea b/c if there's any significant barrel wear or any other parts wear, they will swap it all out for you.
  7. +1 on what Taurus said. When buying a used HiPoint go ahead and bite the one way shipping and let the factory bring it up to current model specs. Well worth the $20~$30 to ship it back in my opinion
  8. Not only that, you may score a few free magazines when they ship it back, just for the trouble.... A definate win win situation in my book!
  9. azddave

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    you guys are NOT telling me what I want to hear. I've been putting this off for several months. If I don't get any bites this week I'll endeavor to ship it back on Friday.

    I appreciate your input.

  10. I think I've got a spare scope base kicking around somewhere. PM me with an address and we'll work something out.

  11. If the weapon is showing any signs of significant wear, send it to them and let them go over it. It will come back with all of the factory accessories.
  12. I, like everyone else, would recommend a factory go-over if you can stand to be without it for a bit, especially if it came from unknown origins. But I also understand the headache of trying to ship firearms and dealing with the morons who don't understand shipping law. So, I leave the ball in your court.

  13. Call Hi Point and they will tell you the easiest way to ship it to them.
  14. Huggy

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    azddave, I have a spare.
    PM an addy, and I'll get it out to you.
  15. Silicon Wolverine

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    ive got one too if you need it.


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Easy ship it FedEx. May be more expesive but it's less hassle then any other way