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    I picked another classic last week and it ended up being a B series like my other classic. The plate that displays the serial number is completely different on the two guns. The left is my chrome classic and the right is my new classic. I was told the gun on the right was a PD trade in and it does have some markings on the bottom of the grip and on 2 of the mags. Just checking to see if anyone else has drastic differences like this on like series models. Also would like to know what the markings on the bottom the grip are for?

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    To me looks like the one on the right has had the serial number sanded off and a new number put back on like it was sent in for repairs and they had to replace a large part of it and renumber it to the old number as far as the 2 dots on the bottom of the grip i would say someone added they for identification purposes

  3. Altic sazquatch

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    When I sent my classic 995 in for repair apparently it was necessary to replace the frame and the s/n plate looks like that now so that's probably why that looks like that
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    That makes sense. The SN checks out with HP, but they can't say for sure when/if it was in for service. It still has the older style firing pin, so I assume if it was serviced it was quite some time ago.