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    I have not been able to go to an outdoor range in a few months so I was worried about being sloppy. But this afternoon I was able to take the Hi Point 995 TS and SKS out for a sight-in, and a Ruger SR9C out for practice. Regrettably I have done better with the SKS but the setting sun was in my eyes, wreaking havoc with the leaf sight picture and causing reflections off the bolt cover; and I was out of practice as I expected with the Ruger. The 995 TS, on the other hand, was amazing. After a few sight-in rounds and slight tweaking of the windage, the Hi Point was shooting centered zippers at 25 and 50 yards (Blazer Brass) with my elbows on a shooting bench. The ease of the ghost ring sights on the Hi Point vs. the sometimes difficult leaf sight on the SKS was amazing. So much so that I may have to invest in a ghost ring rear for the SKS. The quietness of the Hi Point was also impressive. It really is quiet, and of course almost no recoil. Next time out, I will over-hold at 75 and 100 yards and see how 9mm does at that distance. BTW I am (I can't believe this) 61 years old with only 2 years experience and now need to wear prescription shooting glasses. The performance of the Hi Point would make it an excellent home defense gun, various opinions of non-owners to the contrary notwithstanding. I had not shot the weapon in 2 months and was still dead on. You simply cannot go wrong with one of these guns, especially for the price (mine was $250 plus shipping and FFL).
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    It's not a ghost ring, it's an aperture or peep sight. many target guns use them for better accuracy, as do most US military guns in the last century.

    For the SKS, Tech Sights are the best thing going. They fit at the rear of the action, giving a longer sight radius, and thus more accuracy. They also adjust like old M16A1 rear sights for windage. There are models that also handle elevation.


    $45-$85 depending on model.

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