995 slide jam

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  1. I had my first problem with the 995TS yesterday and now I am trying to figure what went wrong.... long post but here goes... I went to the range and had two mags loaded with Brown Bear ammo...fired off both mags without a problem until I went to load the third mag and noticed that the bolt had not cycled all the way back to the open position.. it was jammed just forward of the hold open position... no big deal I just used the palm of my hand to knock it back...no go jammed...not wanting to break any thing I took it home and did a quick inspection and could not find any thing jammed...so I took my plastic mallet and tapped the charging handle back and it went back rather easy...I then cycled the action several times and all looked good. I loaded A couple of mags and cycled them also and every thing cycled fine...broke the rifle down and every thing looks good... any one have a idea as to what might have happened as I hate it when something does not work and you can find no reason why....
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    Sounds like the knob on the bolt got loose and slid into the hold open slot. But i have been known to be wrong before.
    OOps misread all the post IGNORE comment.
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  3. Did you keep your brass? You could have a piece come off and jam it up. My guess would be something small behind the bolt but you should have found it when you broke it down. Might find marks where it rubbed also but with out knowing what was there before would make that harder.
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    So, good news & bad news.

    Good news = It's a known issue. IIRC some 995s slipped through with a weak part. I want to say it's the LRHO that bends and jams it up. I could be wrong. There's at least a couple who have had this issue and when they trip over this thread, they'll correct me. But it is fixable.

    Bad news = They had to send it in. You probably will too. But it'll come back working perfectly and with a free mag to boot.