995 Slide Locks Back... ?

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  1. Ok, so I put the ATI stock on (a 995), willing to take the chance on other "issues" for the comfort and feel (I like the weight and more "sturdy" feel), even though I know it can cause potential problems. Well, this is a problem I've not heard of (I may not have looked enough.)

    Out shooting today, and the bolt locked back, similar to a standard type "Hollow-Point" jam, but there was no jam. I tried to push the EMPTY slide forward but was not able to. I waited a little bit, and tried again, and it went forward. So, I put about 5 rounds through, reloaded, and it did it again on round 4-6(ish). I could NOT get it to move forward.

    When I arrived home I took the gun out of the ATI stock and the bolt was STILL stuck open! No stock AT ALL on the thing, and the bolt is open! I can hit the back of the bolt (lightly) and it goes forward, but even when I pull it back manually (still not attached to ANY stock, no clip, no rounds), it sits with the bolt open until I push it forward (it doesn't take much force to do it, but it won't go on its own).

    Any ideas?? :?

    I will post a pic is anyone thinks it will help.
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    ... from what you describe I would guess the ATI stock has nothing to do with the problem... did it do this before you removed the original stock?? I'd begin looking for the easy...obvious stuff first... burrs on the slide... dirt... does it return with normal force when it does???

  3. I would say burrs or maybe the return spring is broken.
  4. hmmm.. that happen to me yesterday.. :? i fired the 1st mag with no problems... 2 mag.. jam.. pulled the charging handle to eject.. 2 round chambered.. and jam again, but this time locked bolt.. after loosening my charging handle, the bolt release forward.. i'm hoping this was a one time thing, but i will contact the tech dept at hi point to problem solve before i return to the range...
  5. harlequinn,

    i sent an email to hi point today, regarding the "lock bolt" adventures. i'll keep you posted once i hear something back...
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    first guess is too tight on the bolt handle. easy to to. it binds the mechanism if too tight.
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    That gets my vote...first thing I thought of, too...
  8. Thanks for the info.

    A few notes:
    Even with the bolt handle removed, it would bind.
    I did NOT check the spring yet, but I did blow it out with some compressed air, and did a cleaning and threw a little RemOil on it. I cannot get it to lock... yet, but I will give a final verdict after I get to the range (depending on the weather, I will go this weekend.)

    Thanks all, I'll keep you posted.
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    OC NC
    I had the very same problem. Take the ATI stock piece off that is directly behind the bolt on top of the stock. It is the small square piece that has one phillips screw holding it on. You need to sand or file the high spots, you should be able to see where it is rubbing. Mine did the exact thing you are describing and this solved the problem. Mine shoots like a champ now....Cheese
  10. Ok, well, to update....

    First off, it would lock back even when NO STOCK AT ALL was attached, so it wasn't the ATI issues.

    Here's what I did:

    First, I took the slide off the top, exposing the firing pin, springs etc. I immediately noticed that the darn thing was filthy, horribly filthy. (I have only put about 300 rounds through it since it was new, so I never checked that part, DUH!).

    Sooo, I gave it a very thorough Cleaning & Lube job (no springs were broken anywhere). I figured since I also had it open, I would dremel & smooth the feed ramp a little to help alleviate the FTFeed with some JHPs I had experienced. Once it was re-assembled (ATI Stock to boot), I could NOT get the slide to lock up.

    Range Report Yesterday: Threw 30-40 rounds of previously jamming JHP through 2 clips (I picked one up local for $19, support the local gun shops & all). Usually I would have at least 2-3 FTFeed, I had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. Every round fed, no locks, nothing. Was able to reliably sight in my red-dot (finally!), and got good groups, etc.

    The world makes sense again. Thanks for all the help guys!
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    I have gotten in the habit of thoroughly cleaning and lubing all my guns used at a range session as soon as I get home, regardless of how many rounds I sent down range. I realize that some folks will run their firearms for thousands of rounds without cleaning them, but I'm just not one of those folks, and can't see how that will "improve' the operation of the machine any.

    The field stripping of a 995 is really pretty simple with just basic hand tools. Not as fast as my Bersa 380 - lol- but still pretty easy.
  12. Yep.. a full stripping will be the new standard for me too. It adds a whopping 5 minutes on the 995... no loss there.
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    I have not stripped my 995 since I bought it in November..put probably 300-350rds through it in that time, havent had an issue....bought it at a pawn shop, so god knows how many rounds the previous owner put through without cleaning...maybe give it a go tomorrow morning..