995 ts nipping my cheek

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    Question guys.

    Shot my new 995TS 9MM carbine today for the first time today and it was a blast once I made some sight adjustments. Question is why do I feel as if the stock is pinching my cheek when shooting as its is a bit annoying? I am shooting lefty but see no difference in the stock on either side and this is the newer open stock. Is this issue common and if so is there something that can be done??
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    There is a member here who sells a pad that goes on the buttstock. In the past I have added some adhesive backed mouse pad material that I was given in a trade, basically the same idea. It is not real common for most folks but it would probably alleviate your problem.

    Or you can buy some and make your own

    You can see mine here
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  3. Dagwood

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    I think it is common. This is what I did. This is a forearm protector I bought at the Archery shop. Works great.

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    Sharp idea Dagwood! Looks great with that paint job.
  5. Dagwood

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    I can't take credit for the idea. It was someone else's on this forum. But, it does work great.
  6. talon

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    Ive called many a cheek slap complainer a whiner, but after picking up a 995 classic, i do have to admit it can be noticeable. My 4095ts and 4595ts don't do it, and I've never felt it on either of the 995ts rifles ive fired,but my classic 'an definitely get aggresive.
  7. Perfect! I shot mine for the first time today and it bit me every time.
    Looks like a simple fix.
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Back in the day, I also cut some of that material and inlaid it into the classic fore end spaces. Made the gun very nice to hold onto.:)

    Just cut some holes so you can reach the screws.;)
  9. Think1st

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    I'm going to do that for My 4595. What an excellent idea.
  10. VinnieD

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    A good paracord wrap does just fine for me.
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    Now that is a neat item, right there. At only $9.50, it's a heck of a bargain.
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    That's the one I got. Works good but I need another piece forward as half my head misses the pad. The slap ain't bad just the pad is comfy .
  14. StlMike1969

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    I used a $2 mouse pad, liquid nails, and an xacto knife.
  15. Irishfanatik

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    Vinnie d already mentioned it, but this worked for me. And in a bug out situation some 550 cord would be handy to have around.
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    i used to think that cheek rests and recoil pads were a waste of money but i got punched in the eye by the red dot on my ksg over the winter when the 3 inch slug came up. It happened because at about 10 degrees that day i didn't want to lay my cheek down on the cold steel correctly.