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  1. I recently purchased my 995 at a gun show. This came with it in the box and I am confused about this because of what I have heard about people buying them used and that they are under warranty. I wonder if Hi Point is changing their warranty. Here is the exact wording on what I received in the box with my 995. It also says that you must provide a photocopy of retail purchase.

    The Model 995 Carbine is warranted to the original retail customer for life from date of original purchase against defects in material and or workmanship. All parts and labor or replacement, at our option, are covered.
    Hi-Point Firearms, Beemiller Inc. will not honor any claim whatsoever by second or any subsequent owner of this firearm.
  2. I believe that this was their warranty at one time, and that they haven't printed new ones. I'm only one of many here who have purchase used HPs and have had them serviced under warranty with no problem. And, yes, I had told them that I bought it used.

  3. Great! I am glad to hear that because I thought maybe they changed their policy. Mine was new but I had purchased a JC 40 S&W that was used. It rattles and I am thinking of sending it in to Iberia. Thanks for your response!
  4. Does the rattle come from inside the grip? There's a slightly loose bar there that serves as the drop safety; it has to be loose to work right.

    Remove the magazine, and look for a flat bar (probably brass-colored) running along the back of the grip, just behind the mag. If you hold this still with a finger, shake the pistol, and the rattle goes away, it's the drop safety making the noise and your pistol is normal.

    If something else is still loose, however, it's probably time to send it in.
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  6. Thanks so much for the responses and the advice. I did the test and it is the drop safety! I am so glad that it was nothing wrong.
  7. That's why we're here. Enjoy that .40!