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  1. Can someone weight their 995 in the original stock and let me know. I've been trying to make the OEM stock sturdier and my current incarnation was to fill the cavity with silicone. Its now rock solid and weighs 8lbs.
  2. The weight of the Carbine should be 7 Lbs without anything added on.

    I hope you took it apart & filled each half of the stock separately. Otherwise you'll never be able to take it apart for cleaning & I would think that Hi-Point would consider it a Void of your Warranty.

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    OMG, it looks like a gun fetish porno. How does it feel? Was it worth the effort.
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  5. My point was that they wouldn't be able to take it apart if he had drilled holes in the stock & then shot the silicone inside of it. Or filled it & then put it together before it had cured.
  6. It has a very solid feel now. I haven't shot it yet, receiver screws are bent, but I was looking for something that felt more solid, reduced some of the vibration but didn't make the stock solid to the point of having the "potential" ATI problems.

    As you can see, it was completely taken apart and the silicone dried before reassembly. If I ever get these screws replaced, I'll give a range report.
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    Very good point.
  8. Both hex bolt receiver screws were bent in the direction of recoil when I took my ATI stock off. The rear wasn't too bad but the front bolt had a very noticeable "U" shape...but the "potential" ATI issues have been beat to death on other threads.