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995 With ATI and Leapers 4X32 Scope (Review is of scope)

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This is my first review so if I missed anything or you have any questions go ahead and let me know.

I finally got to the range today and sighted in the 995. Still need a cheek rest.

I used Fiocchi 115 Grs. FMJ

I had quite a PITA time sighting in the scope since I had never done this before. Took me 30 rounds to get it. At first I couldn't even hit the paper. Then after about the first 10 rounds, I found out that the thumb screws on the Weaver rings I was using were tight but the rings themselves were still loose on the rail. I found that the clamps had to be rotated 180* in order to properly engage the rail. (they are cheap) Once I got the scope mounted tight, I had no problems getting the scope sighted in and it holds zero quite well so far. I am very satisfied with the Leapers 4X32 scope. I think I paid a total of $24 and change for the scope (this price includes shipping) from milsurpstuff dot com.

On this target (50 yards), I took one shot then walked down range, saw where I hit, made adjustments to the scope, then took another shot and walked down there again for each shot. The bull's eye was the last shot taken on this target and is when I figured I had it set good enough.

This target (100 yards) was shot immediately after the bull's eye in the 50 yard target. I set up at 100 yards and took 5 shots with the scope set for 50 yards.

This target was already set up when we got tho the range. There was an un-used black dot on the forehead that I took 5 potshots at from 50 yards after I sighted in the scope. I got 3 out of 5.

Sorry for the messy dining room shot and lack of big toe.

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Re: 995 With ATI and Leapers 4X32 Scope

Next time you want to sight in your scope, try starting at 10 yards & then moving it out to get it tweaked. Starting at 50 yards is very hard to do with a scope. And next time you could bring some binoculars with you. It will save you from wearing out your shoes walking back & forth.
Looks like you got it pretty well set though.

One other thing. It is my understanding that you should never over tighten your scope mount & rings.
Tight is good enough & "Farmer Tight" will usually cause your scope to be bent & your ring mount screws to be striped.
Just something for everyone to know.
Re: 995 With ATI and Leapers 4X32 Scope

I just snugged up the rings on the scope but I went tight but not farmer tight on the ring to rail screws. It was the ring to rail mounting that I had issues with.
I forgot to mention that the adjustments on the scope were tool less. No screwdriver required.

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I paid around 27 dollars for it shipped from http://www.milsurpstuff.com/proddetail.asp?prod=SCP432M1.

Contact the HPFF member "Benny429" and he can give you the HPFF discount code.
Well I feel dumb... I ordered the scope thinking it came with the rings and I was wrong! What size/type rings are you using?

I got the Weaver "Quad Lock"s with 1 inch rise right now, but it is too tall and I do not like them.

I will be changing from these Weavers to the "Low" Millett Angle-Loc™ Windage Adjustable
Weaver-Style Rings PN AL00710. These are the rings going on my Eddystone and they will be great on the 995.

They cost me around $15-20.00 from my LGS.
Whats the MOA per click on the scope?
Whats the MOA per click on the scope?
I just figured I would post all the specs.

4X32 Mini Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Scope

Golden Image 4X32 Mini with 5th Gen Body
Mil-Dot Reticle, Sapphire Coating, Classic Elastic Lens Cover

Magnification: 4x
Tube Dia: 1" Objective Dia.: 32mm
Field of View @100 yards: 28.0'
Eye Relief: 3.5"
Exit Pupil: 4.5 mm
Click [email protected] yards: 1/4 "
Length: 7.7"
Weight: 8.1 oz
Parallax Setting: 100 yds
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Glad to hear you have it set now Hammer.
No wonder we were having problems getting it set last saturday.
It helps to use the blue Loctite on the screws for the rail and the screws that hold the scope rings onto the rail. I generally start at 25 yards when sighting a scope in, it seems to work really well for me. That's a nice looking 995 you have there, keep shooting and you can get some great groupings off that gun!
I've got pretty much the same setup (995TS, not ATI, and different scope rings) and my friend nailed a clay pigeon at 100yds with it. So I'm pretty happy :D
Yea, I have to do a review of the new scope now.

Now I have a "Leapers 4x32 Compact Mini CQB Scope" on the 995. I like it a LOT better than the standard Leapers 4X32 featured in this review. The standard Leapers 4X32 works just as well as the CQB but the CQB has more options, a red/green iluminated reticle, sun shade, flip up covers, and it comes with a realy nice set of rings (JUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE TIGHT!!! LOL!!! ).

I had a lot better shot groups with the CQB. 911JB and CoyoteUGLY, helped sight it in, and I did get it set to 75 yards.

More on the CQB after work when I get pics.
thanks for the info
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