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995 without a receiver cover

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I've noticed that the insides of my 995 literally look like the insides of my C9 pistol and it dawned on me that the 995's bolt assembly is just a slide inside a receiver cover and that led me to wonder, could the 995 be safely fired without it's receiver cover and pins? You have the clip holding the "lower receiver" and the firing pin spring holder clip in the rear but would those be enough?


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It's been so long since I messed with an ATI stock, I wouldn't even know, but considering it runs the factory receiver cover you're going to need to make up the gap that is normally filled by the shroud. Plus you're losing the top rail for optics if you run without the shroud. You could cheat and get the old school style thrubolts.
The older 995 Classics and early models of the TS use bolts that are larger than the current TS models with the cam locks, so redrilling to a few millimeter sizes larger to let the older bolts through. It has been done before, but doesn't leave much metal for the recoils that result and I've heard of some cracking of the alloy as a result.

Now. The next question is would MOM warranty this if one sent back the gun for repair? I know MOM has replaced with new when a lot worse has happened, such as a fire, but don't know about flagrant abuse such as drilling out a receiver hole.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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