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995's at a gun show

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People, just thought I should pass on what I saw at the Yavapai(AZ) gun show today. Two 995's, looked to be pickup guns, not in bad shape but no frills whatsoever. And at $75.00 a piece, what a deal! Show is on today and tomorrow if anyone in the area is interesed. Located just outside Prescott Valley in the new fairgrounds.
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Damn, thats a hell of a price for a carbine.

If I found a deal like that, Id pick em both up and send them back to hi point, keep the extra mags that they shipped back with the rifle then sell the rifle on gunbroker. Theyre goin for about $250.
Thought about it, believe me, but the financial advisor pointed out I had severely overdrawn my budget already this month. That's me, oportunity knocks and I figure it's an engine rod and sell the car. :cool2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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