995ts 115gr vs 124gr +p at 100yrds

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    I recently purchased a 995ts:) I'm wondering if the added 10% of the +p will compensate for the heavier slug at 100 yrds?, using it out on the range (cattle not shooting);) I have taken it shooting of coarse LTG. And yes I use jhp out there.

    Thanks for any info:
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    Heavier Bullets tend to maintain velocity better, but apples to apples, they also
    start out slower, too. Your idea of +P having greater initial velocity is normally
    correct! Let's go to the tables, BBTI is your Friend!
    (links after I urinate) :p

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    I found 2 sets of data like what you seek, a CorBon 124g +P and a 115g right next to it,
    and then a 115g Federal and a 124g +P Federal.
    In both cases, it seems the heavier +P mostly makes up for the weight.
    Velocity is very similar! I have another "better source", BRB... :eek:
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    This is from the website:
    And the Ammo Brand is SPEER, but nearly all mfg's attempt to make their
    124g +P very close in velocity to their garden variety (standard pressure)
    115g 9mm ammunition. I suspect your 100 yd performance will slightly
    exceed the 115g for several reasons, if the carbine likes that particular brand!
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    I have experimented with this concept a year now. I did not use any tables. Just different brands of 9mm in 115 and 124. I started each brand of both at 15, then 25, 50 and am at 75 right now. Gonna finish up the 75 test this week. I hope.
    100 will be coming for the 124gr, but not the 115.

    So far, I have found this with both of our 995TS. Using 9" paper plates that have a 5" center ring in them. Using same sight picture which is dead center. Sitting at bench with elbow support only. No solid rest.

    1. Not much difference at 15 yds, but the 124 all grouped a bit better.
    2. At 25 yds the 124 had a better group. Still dead center. 115 group was a bit lower in the center. Wider group than the 124.
    3. At 50 yards the 124 was grouping much, much better than the 115. 124 about 2" lower is all. 115 dropped a lot. Hitting bottom of plate and a few lower at times. Wider groups yet. I had to start holding high on the 115 to stay on the plate.
    3. At 75, I have not shot enough to really tell me much. But the 115 seems to be scattering a bit now. I have to aim above top of plate with the 115. I fired only a few 124 so far. But with the Winchester NATO I just got, I was impressed. All on the plate still. So was my Ukrainian made 124 rounds. Got more trials to do with these.

    I am certain that I myself will buy no more 115gr unless it would be all I can get.

    I have not tried any +P at this time. The NATO I have is not rated as a true +P. It is rated 10% higher than standard ammo.
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    So we have the Math Method, and the Shooting Method, both seemingly in agreement!
    Nice Work, O-O! :D
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    Wife and I just got back from the range today. I started off the first three hours with some Swedish Mausers at 100 and 250 yards. She used a Chinese AK and her 995ts. So, when I was done, I started shooting her carbine. Did not have mine today.

    Since the range we were on today had no 75 yard for me to finish my trials, I went for it at the 100 yard targets. Since I skinned my left elbow shooting the Swede Mausers on a concrete table, I had to use a front rest for the carbine.

    As far as I am concerned I have finished my own ammo study for our carbines.

    Today I shot only these brands for comparison at 100 yards. I shot 50 rounds if I
    thought it worth the time at 100 yards.

    Winchester NATO 124gr. 50 rds
    Wartak 124gr (Ukrainian made and not available any more) 50 rds
    Prvi 115gr 30 rds
    S&B 115gr 50 rds
    Brown Bear 115gr 10rds and quit.
    Silver Bear 115gr 10rds and quit
    Rem UMC 115gr 5rds and quit

    My unscientific summary for our 995ts carbines.

    Point of aim, dead center with carbine sighted in at 15 yards with 115gr S&B done last year. Targets are 8" Dirty Bird.

    Winchester NATO 124 just recently bought, shot all 50 rounds in the 8" target.
    Wartak 124 disappointed me at 100yds. :( Group opened up to about 12".
    Prvi 115 would not hold an 8" group. Poor pattern. Ran low.
    S&B 115 was interesting. It consistently shot wide left, and had a some what vertical stringing. But, only about 10" group. And not as low as the rest of the 115gr. Will look closer at this one as I have about 700rds left.
    Brown Bear 115. Well, screw it.
    Silver Bear 115. Screw it too.
    Rem UMC 115. Screw it also.

    For kicks and giggles, I had 5 rounds left of Speer Gold Dot 124 LE HP +P that I have used in a pistol from time to time. It shot about the same as the Winchester NATO, but with a Large amount more of recoil. A lot more, but with no greater accuracy at 100yds. Enough more that I do not think a true +P should be shot too often from a 995ts. OK to, yes, but not all the time I suspect.

    I started this project last year and neither of our carbines have had any sight adjustments during this time or my trials would be meaningless to me.

    We eliminated a lot of brands of 9mm ammo last year by the 50yd trials. BUT, these two carbines bought months apart shoot the same. Dunno why, but I like that.

    There are a lot more brands of ammo on the market, but I can't afford to try them all. And, I have no need to even wonder any longer.

    So, I will now buy a lot more of the Winchester 9mm NATO and even try Magtech NATO. Problem is, both seem to only be available when either has an over run of NATO orders. Yes, it is higher cost than the cheapest plinking ammo for short range shooting. But in my case only perhaps, I want a cartridge that dead center point of aim at 25 yards and 100 yards be exactly the same. Plus absolute consistency for myself and my wife.

    Now, the next time I shoot the Swede Mausers at 200 yds, for the hell of it I will set a target high for a carbine. ;) Most likely hit the berm, but one shot at least worth a bullet to satisfy my curiosity. :D

    And, I did not use any of the MOLES ballistic tables. However as much as it pains me to say so, he was right. Darn this hurts! :(
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    Hey, I thought we were BUDS!!! :p


    Good to see theory work out in the real world!
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    Yep, theory did turn out to be right, in my case at least.
    That S&B 115gr I will experiment with a bit further. It was heads above the other 115gr I tried over time. It's elevation was pretty good actually.