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    New 995ts owner wondering about accessories on the hipoint site. Are the scope 4x30, beamshot 1000s, or truGlo red dot worth a buy?

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    I have a 4x30 scope on mine and it works perfect. Scope is a Barska.
  3. I have the 4x30 Aimpoint sold on the H-Point web site and it works great. It is the perfect size (length) for these carbines. I bought my scope off of Amazon thought because it ccost less. I paid around $25 with shipping.
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    Not sure "better quality" is the right word to apply to a low end BSA or a UTG item. I'd say about the same exact quality, myself. I have no proof, but I am pretty sure that most red dots in this price range are made at the same factories in China and then branded for the company.

    I'm not bad mouthing BSA, I like their scopes, I'm just saying, at the low end, they are all the same.

    However, I DO like the looks and fastening system on that UTG COMP, and that price is good, IMHO.:)
  5. I found the stock compensator increased the sound level to the shooter and I did not care for the look of the clamping method. The increase in length was not a plus for me. There was also talk of rounds hitting the comp and knocking it off the barrel and drilling the exit hole larger was suggested.
    Off to the shop (well a corner of my garage): I drilled out the comp to almost the end so it would slide onto the barrel and it only extended the length about 1/4". Then I ground off the "ears" and drilled it for a set screw just behind the vents. It was now quieter, shorter, looked better and it made it easier to clean the barrel.
    and then................
    Of course since then I made a barrel shroud from the end of an old shotgun. :D
  6. I can't address the quality issue since I haven't purchased the items you mentioned but I will say that the customer service ordering from Hi Point is excellent. I purchased my new 995TS last Saturday, I sat down Sunday evening and ordered some extra clips and clip holder, a couple clips for my C9 and a few other items. I received email comformation for the order, shipping info on Monday and the items were sitting on my door step when I got home Wednesday evening. I ordered over a $100.00 worth of stuff so no shipping charges, plus they threw in a free T-shirt.
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    Yep, going through the manufacturer for your accessories is always a good idea.
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    995ts clips will fit rich into c9 pistol, gives you 10 shots in c9 instead of 8. Just so everyone knows the mags will work in C9. Pretty cool.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    There is factory 10 shot mags for the C9.

    Have you tried to actually shoot with the 995ts mags?
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    I bought the BSA red dot sight from Amazon because it was about $15 cheaper there. Nice sight, but I ended up moving it to my Ruger 10/22 and putting the Tru-glo scope from the Ruger on my 995ts. (Since most of my shooting with the 995ts was at 50 yards...)

    I recently bought the BD Tactical rifle case with the Hi-Point logo. Great case! Well worth it. Very high quality, and I think it's made in the US.
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    Another old thread brought back from the dead! :mumy:
    (no panache involved or intended)