995ts Breech Bolt Damage

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    I'm new to the forum here and to Hi Point as well, just purchased my Hi Point 995ts carbine about 2 months ago from a local dealer. Been an excellent carbine from my experience with it, very few jams and has functioned great! However in my last cleaning I noticed some damage to the breech bolt, and through looking around I haven't really seen any others with similar damage. The damage appears to be on the roller where the operating handle is fitted and a pin (the ejector key pin?). I believe what I am trying to get at with this thread is how exactly does this damage occur? And also as a resource for anyone else who may have the same damage in the future. I have yet to contact Hi Point warranty but I will update once I do.

    Some background on ammo:
    Really what i've only ever put through my 995 has been
    -Perfecta 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ (Which has worked great! Very few jams and been decently accurate)
    -Winchester 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ

    So any comments or insight you may have would be appreciated and I will soon update on how things go with warranty, thanks!

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    Looks like a bad casting?

    Mom will fix it.;)

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    It's just slag from the casting of the bolt. If you look underneath where the steel inserts are cast into the bolt, you'll probably see slag around the edges of those too. It's really nothing to be concerned about, unless that stuff bothers you. It's just a sloppy release. The gun should function fine. What I usually do is take an X-Acto knife trim it off before it can break off and be a problem for me. Otherwise just shoot it and it will be fine.