995ts cleaning and lubing

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    True, it is a rust preventive as long as it stays there. I used it on my jointer & table saw surfaces, but had to respray them every few days because it dries out & no longer protects.
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    No offense, but sure it does. Check out the CBD-Test-2 link which I referenced above. Protected the steel with WD-40, then painted it with super-saturated salt solution, then left it to set for 2 weeks. You can see the results right there beside the "control" area on the steel.

    Both of the TheKTOG tests were run for 6 day periods.

    A lot of people complain that WD-40 leaves a "film" which can "build up" over time into a gummy coating. This is true, at least if you don't use the proper application method to prevent the build up. The "film" protects. The proof is right there.

    Personally, I've found that I like Johnson's Paste Wax better because, frankly, it performs better. But WD-40 preforms quite well when compared to other standard rust preventatives, the vast majority of actual comparative tests agree, and the Grant Cunningham link gets that dramatically wrong. Which is why I don't trust information coming from that page. :)

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    Like kirk said wax is a good way to go on say a table saw. I also have used motor oil rubbed it on and let it sit a few day then wiped it off. Works for about a 6 months if it not to humid then wax is a way to go. Nu finish or Flitz gun wax work great to. Flitz wax on my P11 for almost a year and no rusting and I carry it daily.
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    OK well the hi point receiver and slide has no iron content so there is no rust, only my safety has gotten a light surface rust which is not a problem. We are talking lube
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    I use Lubriplate SFL-1 on all surfaces of all my guns. It seems to work well for me. No noticeable wear. I originally got it use on my AutoMag due to potential stainless to stainless galling issues.
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    OK well I was just helping out. Thanks for the chastising.
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    WD40 works well as a cleaner. I don't especially like it for longer term lubrication. Blasting out the action with WD-40, followed up by a good protector like CLP (or any of many other choices) has always been a good process for me. No real need to detail-strip for thousands of rounds, if ever.
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    Here you go

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  9. I too use a mix of ATF and motor oil as a lube, seems to work for me, I only use WD-40 on the exterior of my weapons as I was cautioned by my Dad when he gave me my first bolt action 30-06 many many moons ago to not use it in the chamber if I kept a round in it for an extended period of time cuz supposedly it will penetrate the brass and cause the casing to get stuck/ruin the powder (Can't remember totally as i am now way older than my Dad was when he told me this)

    Never heard of that except from my Dad,but I've never used it to lube the internals, just for wiping down the outside.
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