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    Picked up the 995TS last weekend and played with it a little bit before the wife wrapped it up to go under the Christmas tree. My initial impressions.
    Ergonomics: Good, kind of wish the stock was just a smidgen shorter. Could probably do away with the buffer springs and mount the butt plate directly to the stock and it would be a perfect fit for me. Never been a fan of vertical fore grips, but I can see mounting one on this. Don't know why, it just seems to want one.

    Trigger, Just wow! This has one of the best factory triggers I have ever felt. A very, and I mean very, small amount of take up then a good break. It feels exactly like the trigger on my Sig 938. It does have a small amount of side to side play.

    SIGHTS, Not really liking these. The aperture is too small. I will drill it out. Also the rear sight sits too low, I have to cant my head to be able to see through it. I see a low power scope on a set of high rings in my future.

    Magazine, Has a tendency to load the cartridges nose down. Not an issue I don't think, it's easy to orient the cartridges. I'm hoping this will go away as the magazine breaks in. They also do not drop free like my CF380 cum C9 does. Takes firm pressure to seat it and the mag drops just enough when you press the release to give you a good purchase to pull it free. Again, this is not an issue to me as I don't like to drop my magazines anyway. I do not think this will ease up with use as the magazine is a very snug fit.

    Overall I am very happy with the 995TS. Just hoping the magazine feeds ok. I don't have any 9mm snap caps and didn't want to cycle any live rounds through it. Will have to wait until Christmas to shoot it and see how it does.

    Any recommendations on a carry case for this? I prefer a hard case, been looking but what I am finding is mostly too long.

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    I use a 36 inch plaino all weather case I bought off amazon for $60 for my bullpup shotguns. its expensive but its very durable. and locking. wouldn't trust the locks against anything other than a small child but it is there.

    TNT don't the aftermarket mags mark the bolt in some way that voids hps warranty?