995TS first teardown, extra metal part, where does it go!?

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by wesdogg227, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. wesdogg227

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    Hey All, new to the forum.

    Got a 995TS, shot the hell out of it today, was so impressed, accurate weapon. anyhow, brought 'er home and toredown, but when lifting shroud off, a piece of metal with a flat part with three holes then it bends up-flat-down fell out of place, it was kinda just sittn there.

    I cant for the life of me figure out where it goes, its not in the picture in the manual either...

    I did take off the sight as well, but its all back with the two square metal pieces like it is supposed to...

    does anyone know where this piece goes?

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  2. Stogies

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    Can't take mine apart yet (wife still asleep) but that looks like something that goes underneath the receiver cover, it has the right shape for it.

  3. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 Member

    You're right Stogies: The bracket is for locating the shroud into the stock. It should have been spot welded on the shroud. While shooting the bracket must have broken loose. You really don't need it, but it helps for assembly. If mine fell off I would not replace it.
  4. wesdogg227

    wesdogg227 Member

    thanks guys, yeah thats where it went, got it back in.
  5. ReDaCTeD

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    Funny....its not even on the parts list. Guess you don't need it then.:confused:
  6. SteveC

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    Still scary as hell when you put everything back together and have something left over, no?

    Still recall first time I took my 4595 down and spent a bunch of time getting the top part back on because the pin wouldn't go all the way in - of course I had it resting on something that was pushing the pin back out.
  7. jokerfaces

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    I HATE THAT PART I SPENT AN HOUR IN THE MANUAL LOOKING FOR IT. I'm glad I found this post I was starting to worry....I guess I will leave that part out and you it for a tactical beer can opener ha..
  8. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Uhm, Ladies? That/those are the backing plates for the top rail mounting screws. Semi-important for maintaining a zero and keeping your optics in place. Part(s)#7