995ts good price?

Discussion in '2010' started by flamelawnmower, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. A local shop here that I really like to shop at has a N.I.B 995TS for $169. I was just wondering if that's a good price? There's really no one around here that sells them to compare to. Looking at Gunbroker and Auction Arms it seems like a good price considering you don't have to pay for shipping and transfer.
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    Re: 995ts good price?...........buy it

    That is a good price!

  3. At that price I'd check to make sure its not a 995 classic with a TS stock conversion. The only difference here would be that with the conversion there would not be a LRHO (Last Round Hold Open) on an empty mag. Not that this is bad thing, just nice to know what you are really getting.
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    NE Utah
    That's $10 more than a used 995 classic in my AO...I'd jump with both feet.

    And that is $150 less than the Gunporker prices... :devilsidesmile:
  5. Yeah, that's a good price. Good advice on checking for LRHO. If it's truly NIB, it should have it.
  6. Even if it's not NIB, that's a good price. I'd buy it and send it to HP if there is anything wrong with it.
  7. Thats an awesome price , paid $249 for mine NIB at the FT Worth Gun Show last weekend flamelawnmower :blink:
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    Getit, getit, getit. Go get it!
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    thats a great price, I would jump all over that.
  10. Where can i get one??? that is a sweet deal, jump on it.
  11. i just paid $275.00 in Indiana!
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    try gunbroker.com u might have to pay shipping...but some of the prices are very good
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    Absolutely a great price. If I send you some $$$ can you buy me a couple :D