995TS Magazine Problem

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    I have a 995TS, a CF 380, and a C9. I lengthened the handgrips on both pistols so that I could use carbine magazines in all three guns. I have six total carbine magazines for the three guns. Today was the first time I had all three guns and six magazines at the range. All the magazines performed perfectly in the pistols. However, the carbine would fail to feed one random round in each magazine. It was always either round 2, 3, 4, or 5 (10 rounds loaded). The round would be caught nose up when the bolt tried to close. I have owned the carbine several months and have always had this same problem with feeding. I have watched a bunch of youtube videos on the subject, but all I have done is de-burr the mag lips and polish the sides of the followers. I think the round is nose diving out of the magazine, hitting the ramp, and then getting jammed in the nose up position. Does anyone know how I can fix the feeding problem for the carbine without messing up the magazine function in the pistols?? Thanks for your time.