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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by greg_r, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Was close to the Gander Mountain today so I stopped inside to look around. They had 995
    mags, $24.00 each! Uhhh.......NO!
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    Fixed it 4 ya :D


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    A few weeks ago I wanted to purchase a new hand gun. I went to Gander Mountain. They wanted MSRP. Then I went to a local gun shop that is very popular in my area but, in my opinion, still expensive, but not as expensive as Gander Mountain. This local gun shop wanted $75 less than the MSRP. Next I called a small FFL shop that a man runs in a barn, next to his house, out in the country. He wanted $150 less than MSRP. Needless to say, I ordered the gun through him. This is the second firearm I purchased from him and the third one I purchased from a small FFL dealer out in farm country.

    It's worth the hour ride to get away from the gun shops in the city that have high overhead costs or otherwise try to gouge their customers. I would suspect that most cities have less costly FFL dealers with low overhead about an hour drive outside the city. It's a good excuse for a pleasant ride in the country. A person just has to do a search to find them either on the internet or in the yellow pages.
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    Sounds like a shop I would stop in when passing through upstate NY. "Bills Guns and Saddles". Husband and wife prob in their mid 80s the last time I saw them a few years back, had a shop in between their house and barn on a working farm. He was an old cowboy show roper and shooter, and would talk your ear off all day if u had the time lol. Nothing fancy, just a cool old place and decent prices.
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    I've never purchased anything from Gander Mountain and after seeing their service and prices I never will. Called them up just prior to buying my first 995TS. Guy answering the phone treated me like I was interrupting his dinner. Last time I went in I was looking for ammo. WIN USA 9mm JHP is $21 at WM but they were asking $34 for the same thing.

    After those two experiences I'll give them a pass.

    BTW, like the above poster I went to a small shop and the guy treated me like family. Very friendly and made me a happy, repeat customer.
  7. I gave up on Dicks,Ganders,Dunhams and other chain stores when buying a new gun.Got delayed NICS twice a few years back.Never got a Proceed and they wouldn't sell without one.Found a nice fairly new locally owned store in town and they can order me anything I want at the store or I can order online.They have a small markup on prices,but even at that,they beat Cheaper than Dirt and Buds advertised prices on my last 2 firearms! It takes 3-5 days for delivery to the store.They order any accessories for me too with no shipping charges.I always get a Proceed within minutes.State tax and $25 transfer fee and I'm out the door.
    They're all young guys behind the counter,in their 20's-30's,friendly and knowledgeable.Good enough for me.
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    Yeah, you can add Dick's to the list for me as well. Just prior to Thanksgiving they offered a SA Axis XP for a price I couldn't pass up. So I purchased and they sent a $10 off coupon. Okay, thank you. Except you can't use it for ammo. Why not? Their ammo prices are high to begin with but using the $10 would have brought it down to just under WM prices. But nope, can't use it on ammo.

    So bye bye Dick's.

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    The closest big box store to me is Dicks. 35mi Gouger is 65 Cabelas 100+
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    I like the small shops , have one close to me , it is like a swap shop and has guns and getting bigger , very nice guy and pretty good prices , have bought 4 guns from him and can just hangout and visit if ya have the time