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    First you said you would not trust you life to a HP, then you said you would? Which is it? Nothing is 100% dependable, too many variables. Then there is the main problem human error.
  2. My bad. I meant my Hi Power, John Browning's last creation. I just was at the Hi POINT forum and had it on my mind....lol. :nerdyembarassed:

    I listed a few guns I own that I WOULD trust my life with. I own an HP Carbine, but have not ran enough rounds through it to make sure it's 100% yet. I've only ran about 100 rds through it. The first 50 or so had a few FTFeed's, but after that it's been GTG. I hope it stays that way. I gotta say, the little sucker is accurate as all get-out!

  3. I use both a laser and a reflex sight. The reality is, though, most gunfire situations occur within 10 yards (30ft). At that range, the iron sights would work just as well as any other option. As for the $1000 laser, I love my 995, but not that much! I'll use that grand and buy an AR. Maybe then (MAYBE) i'll justify spending more than a couple hundred on optics.