995TS top rail removal

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  1. Hello all, I did a search for this question and it didn't jump out at me. I didn't see instructions in the paperwork that came with the carbine either. Hence this post..

    I removed the rear sight briefly then reinstalled it to co-witness with a Primary Arms red dot. Lines up perfectly.

    But...when I reinstalled the front sight the forward most Allen screw would not tighten down into the top rail. It just spins. The other two mounting screws do tighten down. I assume it's stripped.

    So, called Hi-point today and they are sending a replacement top rail. Can someone advise on how to remove and replace the top rail from the 995TS? Does the carbine need to be stripped down? I know there is a locking mechanism in front. Not sure how to release that.

    Thanks in advance. Just got the rifle yesterday and signed up for this forum today.
  2. You need to take the receiver cover off and there are two rectangular metal plates that need to be lined up and those are threaded

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    to unlock this you have to use the hex head tool that came with it. take the two prong side, put it in the rectangle slot on either side of the latch and flip it towards the back of the gun. hope you get it fixed
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    I also pulled this boo boo.When i took the cover off two flat pieces fell out. i understand what they are for.My question is that also a thin angled piece fell out and i am not sure where that goes.Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I did the same thing when I got my 995ts, the angled piece goes between the receiver shroud and the flat piece that is closest to the stock. It actually tucks under the stock I guess to help hold it down tighter.
  6. I posted a picture of that before...... you search for it though, lol.
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    Thanks all.I got her back together.