995TS trigger not resetting

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by osu_av8r, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Hello, and thanks for reading. I picked up my first Hi-Point, a 995TS, over the weekend. It was purchased brand new from a dealer recommended on the Hi-Point website. I took it to the range the next day and it performed beautifully for the most part. I did not encounter some of the usual malfunctions I get with a new firearm. Not a single jam, failure to eject or feed. However, I did have an issue with the trigger not resetting. This would happen after about 3 or four rounds. The trigger will feel soft like it doesn't have any tension. Jiggling it a little would sometimes cause the tension to return and allow it to fire. Otherwise I had to cycle the bolt to get it to return to normal. Unfortunately, a really sharp cold front rolled in unexpectedly and cut my range visit short. I only managed to get off about 75 rounds, so I'd hardly say I broke it in. Maybe I need to put some more boxes through her first. I just wanted to post this and see if anyone has had or heard of something similar happening with this model and any advice going forward. Thanks again, and despite the hiccup I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I look forward to resolving this so I can move on to accessory shopping!! Thanks, -Chris
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    Welcome to the forum!...... Not sure as to the malfunctions solution, but better minds than mine will be sure to answer shortly!

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    It's me, the original poster. Just wanted to share an update. I made another trip to the range and it seems this issue worked itself out. The trigger didn't reset a few times through the first box of ammo, but became a non-issue afterwards. I experienced some FTF, but this seemed to be due to a specific type of ammo (I brought a variety with me this time). Had a great time and impressive grouping with the 995TS. That's probably the 1st time I've spent over 2 hours in an indoor range with only one firearm. I could have shot it all day. Happy with the purchase.
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    Sure made you look like an ass, didn't we?

    Dunno how this fell through the cracks but glad you sorted it out. Let us know if we can help you again.
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    Ahhhhhh...... I knew it'd work itself out!.......
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    Glad you sorted it out. I had a simular issue when I purchased my JCP. Turns out the issue was me not letting the trigger not allowing it to move far enough forward after firing.
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    If you have problems making the trigger reset use a whites trigger stop. A whites trigger stop is a pencil eraser or a soft piece of plastic glued behind the trigger to eliminate trigger over travel. You can also use the Whites Trigger Stop like a two stage trigger. You simply cut the stop so that when the trigger touches the stop there is only a fraction of an inch more before the gun goes off. Google Whites Trigger stop if you think it will help. There are plenty of tutorials and great ideas in other articles.